Use anonymity for good.
We believe in providing a tool to connect with people on a more candid and personal level. Being anonymous among while staying playful isn’t possible anywhere else. Be responsible and let’s make Leak a great tool.
Share yourself openly and honestly.
It’s hard to contribute anything online without it being searchable and connected to you forever. Leak lets you be yourself and share without judgment. From silly nothings to sincere sentiments, speak freely.
Be kind and respectful.
Remember, you’re among people you know. The best conversations happen when they’re supportive constructive or ridiculously hilarious. Be considerate of others, even if you can’t be seen behind the mask.
Report bad behavior.
We rely on you to keep Leak a safe and constructive tool for quality content. If there is something you see that is not in keeping with the spirit of Leak, then we’d like you to inform us as soon as possible. There is no flagging feature for now because it’s impossible with anonymous emails. But we review all content that’s reported to us and we will, if necessary, try to do something to users who aren’t adhering to these guidelines.
Have fun.
It’s good to say everything you want. It’s always a good time. Keep an open mind and make the most of Leak.
Don't post threats.
Safety is Leak’s first priority. We reserve the right to escalate to law enforcement if we perceive a real risk of harm to others. Do not credibly threaten others, organize acts of violence or recruit for or support organizations with a record of violent criminal or terrorist activity with Leak. We also prohibit organizing vandalism or theft on our site.
Don't share or encourage self-harm
Leak takes self-harm by people using our site seriously. We remove promotion or encouragement of any self-harm behaviors, including self-mutilation, eating disorders and hard drug abuse. When reported to us, we work to provide assistance for people in crisis and to create a safe space for those in trouble to talk about issues they otherwise could not discuss.
Don't bully or harrass.
Leak takes a hard line on bullying and harassment. We allow users to speak broadly on people, companies and issues in the public eye, but will act on any abusive behavior directed at private individuals when it comes to our attention.
Don't post hate speech.
Leak does not allow hate speech. We expect and believe that it is positive, that people will use our site to challenge institutions, events, beliefs, ideas, and practices, but we strictly forbid attacks on other people based on their race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sex, gender, sexual orientation, disability or medical condition.
Don't post graphic content
Leak is a place where words matter most. While we love seeing how the community expresses themselves through imagery, we want to make sure that users create and consume content that is not distracting from the spirit of Leak. As a result, images that are excessively graphic, include bodily fluids, or excretions don’t respect these guidelines.
Don't post pornography.
Leak is a community for people over the age of 13. As a result, we have a policy against the sharing of pornographic content and we impose limitations on the display of nudity. In keeping with strong commitment to safety, we have zero tolerance for content that sexualizes children in any way.
Don't post people's private information.
On Leak people connect secretly in order to encourage authentic communication. In that spirit, we do not allow users to publish otherwise private personal information including, but not limited to, phone numbers, bank account information, and addresses.
Don't post things that don't belong to you.
When sharing on Leak, be sure you have the rights to use the content you post. We require you to respect copyrights, trademarks, and other legal rights.
Don't spam.
We take the security of our users very seriously and work to prevent attempts to compromise members accounts or to use our site as a channel to compromise accounts elsewhere. Similarly, we do not allow the creation of content for commercial purposes, such as driving traffic to other sites.
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